Heroes Phantasia [ヒーローズファンタジア] Game Sample - PSP


Heroes Phantasia [ヒーローズファンタジア] Game Sample - PSP

Heroes Phantasia is a crossover anime RPG project by Namco Bandai, Witchcraft, and a slew of other companies. Taking a look at this game, one might think that it's a project of epic proportions. In a sense...I suppose you could say that. Back in the day, crossover games were somewhat experimental. Now, you can find them all over the place. Back in say 1995 (assuming all of today's anime existed back then), a game where Lina Inverse could fight on the same team as Hagi would have been a fairytale. A game like this now though? It doesn't really surprise me. Naturally, to give the game some sort of direction or purpose, the game has a story that (with the help of some original characters) works as a way to tie all the characters in somewhat effectively while at the same time, alienating each other just enough so that the game remains something of a "gaiden" (side story) at best. This is done by having long conversational points throughout the entire game where it seems like the developer(s) tried really hard to have most (if not, all) the characters chime in during many of the story scenes. You can choose a male (Eiji Watari) or female (Shinobu Fudou) agent of SIR (Sawada International Research), a private research firm in the "Real" world. You can change the agents names if you like, though the name of your assistant can't be changed and she is the same regardless of who you are (Michie Sawada). Basically, your agent goes to meet members of HOLY (from s-CRY-ed) to ...


2012年1月25日発売、シングル【THE LIGHTS OF HEROES】はDVD付。表題曲はPSPゲーム『ヒーローズファンタジア』主題歌、舞台『蒼穹のファフナー』の「Shangri-La〔mf〕」、「So sweet memories」、各off vocalの計6曲。




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